Recurrent Questions

Geolocation & Orientation faqs are here.

The AppStore wants to charge me again for the App.

Once an App has been bought, you can download if for free again, whenever you want. The trick is that you have to use the "BUY" button for that. However, just after doing so, the AppStore will prompt a message that this App has already been purchased and will be downloaded for free.

Is there an Android version ?

No. And none is foreseen.

Will you maintain previous versions of Starmap ?

No. After a while, they will be removed from the store.

Does is work on all iDevices ?

Yes. The App is universal. Your device has to run with iOS 9.0 or greater. The same app works on iPad, iPhone, iPod, AppleWatch and soon the Apple TV.

Is all the data local ?

Yes. No internet access is required when using the map. Of course, you can download extensions through our store, but once loaded, it remains on your device.

I cannot install Starmap.

There is not much we can do for that as developers. This is all in Apple's AppStore™ hands. Check your iTunes login. Try to delete former version and get it again — for free — from the AppStore, through Wifi. You will find the Apple's™ help page here.

Starmap crashes on startup.

Happens sometimes. Clear the settings for the next start by selection the "Reset on start" option. It is located in your device main settings, under Starmap. If the problem remains, delete the App and re-install it from the AppStore app, not iTunes (because iTunes keeps the preferences).

Why creating a new App and not updating the former ones

Because after 4 years, iOS has evolved. We needed to refurbish its architecture and interface totally. And also, development has a cost. Consider this as a paid upgrade.

Where is the documentation ?

None is foreseen. For Starmap 1, I wrote an extensive documentation, in 12 languages, 100 pages... that no one read.
So for Starmap 2, there are some tutorials popping up when needed. All items can be touched for edition, and the orange color is used for indicating a possible actions. Moreover, if you have some questions, well ... ask Me. I am here to help.

A download is stalled and shows a percentage

Touch the percentage to restart the download. If the problem persists, contact me.

I cannot find the settings.

On the map, you have round blue icons. Simply swipe over them, horizontally in portrait mode and vertically in lanscape mode. You will access other menus, including the settings.

What kind of Wifi/serial interface do you recommend for telescope control ?

Skyfi. Beware of cheap interfaces... I have tested many and there is nothing more frustrating than loosing the control of the telescope during an observation.

I cannot find the Telescope control, Wifi or the eyepiece view

For PRO users, simply do a long touch on the map and the map tools will appear on the screen. There you will find all what you need.

How do I get back all the purchased extensions

After a fresh install, you can re-install the extension using the "Restore" function. It is located at the bottom of the store list. Another option is to "BUY" them again. You will not be charged if already bought it.

How do I transfer my options from one device to another ?

Use the "Restore" function. It is located at the bottom of the download list.

What will be added/corrected in version 1.21 ?

• Adaptations for iPhone X.

What will be added/corrected in version 1.20 ?

• This corrects an issue where the satellites list would not appear correctly in the catalogue..

What will be added/corrected in version 1.19 ?

• Minor bugs corrections.
• Eyepiece display corrected.
• Moon shadow corrected.
• Web objects planning corrected.

What will be added/corrected in version 1.18 ?

• Satellites update with more passage displays.

What will be added/corrected in version 1.16 ?

• Elastic horizon mode added.

What will be added/corrected in version 1.11 ?

• Adding a display of Earth magnetic north.
• Starmap now automatically loks for your location when launched.
• Adding satellites to recent list and in the search.
• Adding some arrows to swipe menus.

What will be added/corrected in version 1.9 ?

• Sharing: you can now share objects info and maps in Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Web, etc ...
• Correcting a compass issue not orienting the map correctly for some devices. Many thanks to Daryl and Mark who helped me on this one. • Watch compatibility issues with 3.0 • Adaption to iOS 10.
• Minor bugs corrections and optimization of speed.

What has be added/corrected in version 1.7.2 ?

• Correcting a crash on startup when the NOAA Sun stops information is corrupted.

What has be added/corrected in version 1.7 ?

• Minor bugs and instabilities corrections.
• More realistic Telrad display.

What has be added/corrected in version 1.6.1 ?

• Minor bugs and instabilities corrections.
• Eyepiece motion is now correct with optical inversions.

What has be added/corrected in version 1.6 ?

• Minor bugs and instabilities corrections.
• Adding night visibility to Tonight's view. The display mode (full/visibility/description) can now be chosen.
• The tonight's view is now based on the user's set time, and no more on the present time.
• Adding Polar lights forecast.
• Adding Sun spots location.

What has be added/corrected in version 1.5 ?

• Some deep sky objects parallax and distances are wrong when provided from Simbad. Starmap will keep it's local value for these objects instead.
• Objects can now be selected in the eyepiece view when using inversion.
• The number of NGC/IC items displayed in the search section is now done in steps of 100 rather than 200, for faster browsing.
• Now displaying stars temperature, absolute magnitudes and radius.
• Comets are now well updated in the time slide mode.
• Some users have reported that their PRO version vanished and that they had to reload it. This should no more be the case now.

What has be added/corrected in version 1.4 ?

• The ruler has been modified for better use-ability.
• A bug that displays false right ascensions for some bright or dark nebulae
• A crash for night visibilities of objects
• A crash happening sometimes when selection the catalogue section
• A bug that makes stories's map time incorrect.
• Far/near Moon side label correctly displayed now.
• Correcting a bug that could produce a crash during telescope control. • Reviewing compass switching on and off. • Stars and deep sky objects names can be adjusted in size. And generally: working on the full HD version of Starmap Media Stories.

What has be added/corrected in the 1.3 version ?

Essentially a new eyepiece.
• The configuration selection are always be visible on the top.
• Map tools, deep sky images, angular ruler are available in the eyepiece.
• Objects descriptions are available in the eyepiece.
• Showing camera frame, with rotation.

and also ..
• Adding notes to objects
• Observation planning
• Compass flat mode has disappeared
• Correcting an miscalculation of hour angles.
• Correcting some animations display in stories.
• Correcting an issue for the Tonight's Sky story that displayed all constellations.
• Some adaptations for the iPad PRO.
• By popular demand: adding magnitude limits for stars and deep sky objects, as well as some transparency settings sliders for grids and constellations.