Latest issue: January 2015


Discover some of our stories for tonight's sky !

How a Star is Born
Explore the hidden places where stars form.
Measuring the Cosmos
Learn about a special star that revealed a cosmic mystery.
Exploring the Crab Nebula
In the last breath of a dying star we find the seeds of future stars and planets.
The Ever-changing Sky
The stars may look fixed in space, but in reality, all of them are moving through our spiral galaxy.

Download a free high-quality star map for your computer or handheld device, and get high definition printouts for your family or the classroom.

Each map provides the list of the best objects you can see tonight, with the naked eye or binoculars. First select your location on Earth, wether you are in the northern or southern hemisphere, or near the equator. Then choose the approximate hour you plan to observe the stars. The sky slowly changes along the night as the Earth rotates.

Finally select the kind of map you need. Full color maps are intended for laptops or handheld devices. Choose the black and white version for printing. Some users will prefer a map will red colors, that to preserve their eyes sensitivity.

How to use the map

The map shows what you see looking at the zenith. The apparent inversion of East and West compared to road maps is therefore normal. As a starting point, face the North, and hold the map in you eyesight direction, with its North down. As you change the direction, rotate the map accordingly.

The objects listed on the first page can be observed with naked eyes, in a clear sky with moderate light pollution. Close your eyes one minute and let them adapt to darkness. You will be surprised how many more details will be apparent.

Adding free star maps to your web site

You can easily embed a smaller but fully functional version of this map generator on your own web site.
Simply cut and paste the html code bellow and add it to your page source.

Portrait mode 250x470 pixels:

<iframe width='256px' height='462px' src='' frameborder='0'></iframe>

Landscape mode 650x320 pixels:

<iframe width='656px' height='316px' src='' frameborder='0'></iframe>