starmap iPad

Starmap HD for iPad Edition

The Starmap HD edition is an upgraded iPad version of Starmap PRO. With over 2,500,000 stars, and 25,000 space objects with detailed information, Starmap HD is ultimate observation tool for astronomers and telescopes owners. Starmap HD reflects exactly what you see in your eye piece, and helps you plan your observations with incredible interactive tools.



Target device : All iPads Number of stars : 2,500,000
Maximum magnitude : 16 (peaked at 15 )
Catalogues : SAO. Tycho 2. HD. Hipparcos. Number of stars with information : 250
Minimum Field of view : 4’5″ Number of asteroids : 470,000 (In App Update )
Number of Comets : about 800 (In App Update) Extensive Moon map  YES, 9000 references.
Dwarf planets : Yes Tonight’s sky : Yes
Deep sky objects : 110 Messier
7840 NGC (full)
5386 IC (full)
300 Abbel Clusters
Caldwell (full)
Catalogue search : Yes
Double stars:  1300 WDS Entries
Finder arrow : Yes
Photo timers : Yes
Map colors : Yes
3GS Compass support : Yes Night vision : Yes
Web Catalogue search : Yes Eye piece view : Yes
Time slider : Yes Planets satellites : Yes
Optics manager : Yes Map colors : Yes
Twilight views : Yes GPS : Yes
Featured objects : Yes Visibility along the year : Yes
Telrad : Yes Custom user locations : Yes
Alarms : Yes Notes : Yes
Languages :French, Spanish, English, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Portuguese.