Starmap Standard Edition.

STARMAP is a pocket planetarium, using the breath taking technologies of the iPhone. It brings the present and future sky map at the tip of your fingers, at any time, anywhere. When your device has a  compass, Starmap displays exactly the portion of the sky you are pointing at. Hold the device parallel to your line of vision and discover the map smoothly scanning the sky as you move.



Target device : All iPod touch Number of stars : 350 000
All iPhones. Retina / iPhone 5 . Maximum magnitude : 10 (peaked at 8 )
Catalogues : SAO partial Number of stars with information : 250
Minimum Field of view : 13.8” Number of asteroids : 50
Number of Comets : none Wikipedia links : No
Dwarf planets : Yes Tonight’s sky : Yes
Deep sky objects : 110 Catalogue search : Yes
3GS Compass support : Yes Night vision : Yes
Web Catalogue search : No Eye piece view : No
Time slider : Yes Planets satellites : Yes
Optics manager : No Visibility along the year : No
Twilight views : No Meteor zones : Yes
Featured objects : No GPS : Yes
Telrad : No Map colors : Yes
Accelerometer control : Yes Photo timers : No
Alarms : No Satellites : ISS
Notes : No
Custom user locations : Yes
Languages : French, Spanish, English, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, German, Danish, Swedish,
Norwegian, Suomi, Portuguese.