Discover a new kind of experience
under the starry sky.


… an interactive audiobook illustrated with movies and images, adapting itself to what you see above you at your location and time… 

Five years ago, the first starmapInlineLogo app gave users an easy way to explore the sky using their mobile devices. Even then, we already had in mind new additions to the app to help guide you around the stars.

Now, the next-generation starmapInlineLogo has something very special: multimedia stories that guide you around the sky.

We, the makers of starmapInlineLogo, are professional and amateur astronomers, artists, and a trained planetarium lecturer. We build astronomy Apps for those who want to discover the sky for real…aided by their iPhone™ and iPad™.

We regularly show the stars to our friends, students or simply to casual stargazers who attend star parties. With starmapInlineLogo Media, we are now with you exploring the stars.

How It Works

Under the Stars

When you’re stargazing, simply hold your device up to the sky. The app will automatically guide you toward the area of the sky being referred to by the narrator in the story you have selected for your exploration.

starmapInlineLogo will wait for you to spot the right location. Then, simply touch the target icon to continue the story.

Each story is designed to help you find objects in the sky and learn something about them. For example, as it explains star birth in the Orion Nebula,  starmapInlineLogo moves to this region of the sky…and what you see in the sky becomes the main actor in the story.

In Couch Mode 

starmapInlineLogo also works in couch mode, for cloudy nights and for those times when you want to stay indoors and learn more about star legends, and the history and science of astronomy.


Story Content

There’s something for everyone in starmapInlineLogo Media, whether you are just getting started or are an experienced observer with a home telescope.

There are more than 7 hours of stories available in the starmapInlineLogo media library. Currently they cover a year’s worth of sky sights for northern hemisphere observers, and include fascinating star legends, scientific facts, and directions for finding celestial objects.


Every story is labeled by its level of difficulty. The easiest ones are for beginners. Slightly more difficult ones appeal to intermediate observers and advanced stories are for experienced sky observers.

Once you’ve explored the sky using starmapInlineLogo Media stories, you’ll know a lot more about astronomy and the universe.


starmapInlineLogo stories are available for all our Apps: starmapInlineLogostarmapInlineLogo PRO and starmapInlineLogo HD. If you do not own one of these, we also have a free player called starmapInlineLogo Media, that works on all iOS devices.

In every app, you will find a library. Touch a story’s thumbnail to get a detailed description. From there you can preview or buy stories. Some are free, such as the Tutorial and The Sky Tonight, a special story that will always be available, whatever your location and time of observation.


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