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Starmap can be expanded at will, matching the needs of everyone from casual users to advanced astronomers.

Solar System

All planets. Close satellites views.
All known comets.
Up to 500 000 asteroids.
Dwarf planets.
Meteors showers with calendars.
All Earth artificial satellites.
Moon map.
3D model of the universe.


Up to 2 500 000 stars onboard.
900 Million stars in total.
8900 stars with extended description.
Up to magnitude 20.
Full SAO, HD, Hipparcos and Tycho 2.
Double stars.
1300 WDS Entries with diagrams.
Artist views.

Deep Sky

110 Messier
New General Catalog
300 Abell galaxy clusters
SH-2, van der Bergh, Lynds, Sharpless, Barnard
3D location in the universe.


Compass support.
Retina support.
Telescope control.
Eyepiece view.
Map themes. Night vision.
Simbad search.
Tonight's best objects.
Time animation.
Automatic Web updates.
Telescope Control.

Team awards

  • Hot Product 2014 - Sky & Telescope
  • 2012 Star Product- Astronomy Magazine
  • Hot Product 2010 - Sky & Telescope


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