• Imagine an interactive audiobook illustrated with movies and images, adapting itself to what you see above you at your location and time.
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  • A Planetarium in your pocket

    Starmap is the most informative and interactive handheld planetarium app available, and is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch.

  • Scanning the Night Sky with Star Compass

    Using your iPhone’s Compass, Starmap is your tool for viewing the night sky from your actual location and smoothly scanning across the horizon with a panoramic view.

  • For Experts & For Fun

    Starmap has won a host of awards, based on its innovative application and high tech, user-friendly design

  • Starmap and Starmap Pro are now available on the iPhone, iTouch. Starmap HD and Spacemap are exclusively available on the iPad.

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Starmap is the perfect app for viewing the universe with realistic maps and detailed factual information. Based on the iPhone compass geo-location technology, Starmap Pro pinpoints your exact location and lets you view the sky in real-time, and zoom in/out on objects in the sky as you please. Starmap has several other features to enhance your space-viewing experience, including information and images on celestial objects, sky-gazing information specific to your area, and more. This application is perfect for the casual stargazer or the professional astronomer. Starmap Pro is available in iTunes for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch.


“2010 Hot Product Best Astronomy Software”

- Sky and Telescope Magazine


Spacemap takes you on a star voyage, beyond the Solar System, to the outer bounds of the known Universe. Beautiful animations, sound effects … but overall scientific precision. All known comets, asteroids and planets orbital paths are exactly rendered. 25 000 objects, like galaxies or stars can be located in this 3D model of the Universe. Even extraterrestrial planets and Objects that may collide with the Earth are included.